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Vital Legal Documents for Graduates

Graduating high school or college is no doubt an incredibly huge step toward adulthood. However, many families reluctantly send their recent grads out into the world without a lot of legal preparation. If you’re the parent of a recent grad or a graduate soon-to-be, you don’t want to miss this webinar replay with Estate Planning Attorney Bob Mannor.

Legal Documents for Graduates – What To Consider

  • Can parents still help make decisions?
  • Do young adults really need legal planning? (They’re “invincible,” right?)
  • Access vs. Decision Making – what about emergencies?
  • HIPAA and Medical Discussions
  • What about Special Needs?
  • What Should You Do Now?

We know you don’t stop being a parent when your child graduates. Those parental worries are all still there. The good news is you can still protect your child even after they leave the nest. To learn more contact us.


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