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  • Veteran’s Benefits Seminars
    I welcome the opportunity to express my gratitude to Bob Mannor. I met Bob in 2012 when my husband and I attended one of his seminars in hopes of getting veteran’s benefits for my 94-year-old mother who was in an AL facility in New York State. The seminar covered many topics and we were taken by surprise to learn that the Revocable Living Trust we established in 1998 was in great need of updating. We met with Bob on several occasions and were given the information to help my mother as well as updating our trust. In 2013 my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This diagnosis meant that our Revocable Living Trust required more updating as we had been each other’s trustees and because of my husband’s condition, he could no longer act as my trustee. Once more I contacted Bob. Bob asked his associate Jennifer to help me this time around. Jennifer is a very capable and competent attorney and she was able to steer me through probate court. Now it is January 2014. My 96-year-old mother dies in New York State. This was a very organized woman, but due to an oversight on her part her estate needed to go through probate court. Of course, I contact Bob. Bob can’t help me because he is not licensed to practice in New York BUT puts me in touch with a law firm in NY in which he has great confidence to help settle my mother’s estate. It is now 2015 and my husband’s disease is progressing so I understand that down the road he will no longer be able to be at home with me as his sole caregiver. As of this writing, I am working with Jennifer again to update our trusts in order to preserve and protect our assets. So as you can see over the past three years I have come to depend on Bob Mannor and his team of very capable professionals to help me navigate through some very difficult times. Bob Mannor is a very kind, caring man. Bob’s legal expertise is rock solid and I just don’t know what I would have done through all of this without him to call on. I believe that anyone who works with the Mannor Law Group on any level can do so with confidence.

    - Alice M. Bergstrom, Clarkston, MI

  • Helped My Family Through A Very Stressful Time
    Bob Mannor and his associates helped my family through a very stressful time with two aging parents, both WWII veterans, who needed to make the transition to long-term care. With the professional guidance of Bob, Amy, Rachel, Jennifer and Eric, we have been helped with the decisions we had difficulty with. Both parents received VA benefits and were able to be placed in a very nice long-term care facility. Bob Mannor and his associates have been efficient, prompt and caring of our situation. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is dealing with the elderly.

    - Linda Gostomski, Troy, MI

  • Easy To Do Business With

    The Bob Mannor firm is easy to do business with. Theirs is not a one shot deal. They don’t just take your questions and money and you never again hear from them. There are frequent updates as new information that I may need comes available. This is a firm that I’ve recommended to both family and friends.

    - Willa J. Hawkins, Flint, MI

  • Senior Community

    My wife and I live in a senior community. We had heard Bob Mannor, Attorney at Law speak a couple of times about his firm and what he could do for us. We had wills and trusts that were drawn up 20 years ago and thought it would be a good idea to have our legal documents reviewed and updated because after 20 years laws and personal situations change. We discussed this with our son who was a tax attorney for 15 years. He wanted to come to our initial meeting with Bob to be sure that we were making the right choice to be represented by Bob and his firm. He gave his approval and we had Bob’s firm review and update all of our legal documents and provide a new trust which was presented to us in a 10” x 12” notebook 1” thick. Very impressive – all avenues were covered, even a surprise situation that provided the avenue for a trust for each of our grandchildren to see that their inheritance was protected in case of a bad marriage or other situation. All in all, it was an excellent experience and we met 7 people from the firm. Wonderful, friendly, concerned people. Based on our experience we would recommend Bob and his firm to anyone.

    - Herbert W. Kinkaid, Grand Blanc, MI

  • Certified Elder Law Attorney
    We met Bob after looking for a Certified Elder Law Attorney to help with my elderly mother’s estate planning and application for veteran’s benefits. Bob was our very first interaction with any lawyer and we were very satisfied with the results and the care that we received from him and his firm. Bob answered all of our questions, some of them multiple times. He was clear about every cost, which we were anxious about walking in. Bob went out of his way to meet our goals in a timely manner. After starting the process my mother became hospitalized. She is deaf and her arthritic hands prevent her from signing her own name. Bob came to the hospital with all the papers, two notaries and a person to legally sign for my mother. I wrote down the questions and explanations he gave my mom and she answered. We were impressed by his willingness to do this and most impressed with how conscientious he was. He was very dutiful in determining my mother understood exactly what was going on and that she was a willing participant. He read back through everything I had written to my mom to be sure his questions were presented correctly. I feel Bob is very dedicated to protecting all of his elderly clients. His office staff is also very helpful and knowledgeable.

    - Ann Marie Caiozzo, Clarkston, MI

  • Trust Fund Set Up For Our Family

    We had a trust fund set up for our family but it was over ten years old. After attending one of the seminars offered by Bob Mannor Law Firm, we learned how out of date our trust was and how we could achieve additional protection or security of our estate. We worked with Bob’s staff and set up a new all-encompassing trust. The staff at the law office was very helpful and accommodating and came to our home for the signing of the trust. My wife is disabled and unable to go to the office. I would recommend Bob Mannor’s law firm to anyone looking to have a complete trust set up which will protect their assets.

    - James D. Price

  • Veterans’ Benefits
    If you're looking for an expert in trusts for the elderly and also information on Veterans' benefits, you need to look no further than Bob Manner.  He is an expert in both and was sensitive to my father's special needs as we addressed both these processes.

    - Peni Aldrich

  • Estate Planning Seminar
    I attended an Estate Planning Seminar presented by Bob Mannor. Subsequent to that seminar, I scheduled an appointment to have my existing trust reviewed by him. Bob presented insight into revisions and the rationale to support said revisions. I meet with Bob annually to review my trust and to learn of new or pending legislation that may affect my financial planning as it relates to my trust.

    - Elizabeth A. Morris, Algonac, MI

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