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The Right Estate Planning Attorney for You

The Right Estate Planning Attorney for You

While some estate planning attorneys will follow a standard procedure for every plan, we want to create a plan that will actually work for you. As such, we focus on what matters most to the execution of your plan. Drafting an estate plan is something any attorney can do, but creating one that will work effectively depends on an experienced attorney who knows what to look out for.

In Order for Us to Help You, You Have to Have Someone You Trust and Love

In our live presentations and workshop series, we’ve often said “In order for us to help you, you have to have someone you trust and love”. A simple fact of the matter is that without someone you trust and love, the estate planning process becomes significantly more challenging.

A prime example of the necessity of trustworthy people for your estate planning is in choosing your trustee. This person will manage your trust assets, so choosing the right trustee is critical. Without someone you trust, this process becomes significantly more difficult—and without a trustee, your trust isn’t very useful.

Other issues can arise in the process of creating your estate plan. Communicating the specifics of your plan to family members, and especially with your beneficiaries, is essential to avoiding conflict when it comes time to execute your plan. Ultimately, someone has to execute your estate plan. Ensuring that they’re trustworthy and cooperative throughout the process means that both they and your estate plan are prepared to function as expected, instead of leaving things up to chance.

As estate planning attorneys, we’re here to create a solution to your problems. To facilitate that, we rely on you having someone you trust who we can work with to ensure that your plan will execute as expected. Bringing a trustworthy person into your planning process means that we’re able to create one that will work, instead of one that may work. You can have an estate plan without someone you trust, but at the end of the day, that’s not the plan you want.

Once you’ve found your trustworthy loved one, you’re ready for the next steps. Contact Mannor Law Group, PLLC today to get started on your personalized estate plan.

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