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Tips For Talking To Your Elderly Parents Over The Holidays

The holidays are a rare time when many families can all be together. Sometimes this annual visit can be eye-opening to you parent’s issues with health, safety, finances, illness, or more. Having these difficult discussions with your elderly parent can often be intimidating, especially during the holidays. How can these conversations be made easier for you, your family, and most importantly, your parents?

On this week’s #WebinarWendesday replay, Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney Bob Mannor provides tips for talking to your elderly parents during the holidays or anytime this becomes an issue for your aging loved one. Learn ways to discuss age and health issues as well as what questions you should be asking and red flags to look for. Watching this presentation replay, could save be life-saving.

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Talking To Your Elderly Parents: Critical Red Flags

On the webinar, Attorney Bob Mannor discusses more than talking tips. He gives important red flags of what you can look for when visiting your aging relative over the upcoming holiday season. A few of the red flags he explores on the webinar are listed below. If your loved one is showing these signs, it may be time to consider talking to your elderly parent.

  • Wandering – This could be especially dangerous during the harsh Michigan winter
  • Aggression – If your loved one is becoming aggressive, it could be a sign of something else. It can also be dangerous for your other parent. It is important to note personality changes in your loved one.
  • Hospital Visits – If mom or dad are being hospitalized more than one time for dehydration, malnourishment, or urinary tract infection, this could be a red flag they need more help at home.
  • The “Yo-Yo” Effect – Sometimes patients are caught in a treatment “loop.” If your parents have been going from hospital to rehabilitation facility, to home multiple times per year, this is what Bob calls the “yo-yo” effect. This is a big red flag, mom or dad may need more help.

After talking to your elderly parents, you both may decide the next step is legal planning to protect them and their assets. Perhaps long-term care is needed, but you aren’t sure how your loved ones can afford the cost. Contact Mannor Law Group today. There is no risk to this call, but there may be a risk in not making it.


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