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Advice From Your Advocates: Aging in Place with PACE: The Program of All Inclusive Care of the Elderly

Advice From Your Advocates: Aging in Place with PACE: The Program of All Inclusive Care of the Elderly

On this episode of Advice From Your Advocates podcast, Bob was joined by our long-time colleague and friend, Lea Anne Ivory – Director of Marketing & Communications at Ascension Living PACE Michigan. Lea Anne joined the PACE program and brought it to Ascension Living in August of 2015, where she was able to on-board 3 elders. As of late October 2022, she now has enrolled 226 and counting! PACE is the acronym for: Program For All Inclusive Care for the Elderly, and they truly do just what they promise. There are many PACE programs throughout the state of Michigan (currently 14 programs covering around 4,000 lives), and all over, that provide aid and support to those who qualify. The program itself has been around for 40 years and is focused on individuals 55+ who need all-inclusive care to stay safe in their homes in order to age in place.

The program’s number one goal is to work with the senior in need to determine a plan of care, which includes but is not limited to, coordinating trips to their day center where the seniors can indulge in crafts, entertainment, meals, and overall socialization. These types of activities are so crucial to give a senior a reason to get out of their house and bed for the day! The program allows seniors to get the care they need but honor their independence and preferences as well. To be admitted into the PACE program, a senior will meet with 11 different personnel (8 are medical and 3 are non-medical) to ensure that their needs are thoroughly looked at and carefully considered. Each person from the PACE care team serves a different function, and assess the senior individually, to be able to fully understand what will best serve the patient - even if that turns out not to be PACE. And if it isn’t PACE, they will happily refer you on to the next most appropriate option!

If a patient does require more assistance at any given point, PACE is there to help them as well. They will help to enroll the senior in independent living, or assisted living, depending on the situation at hand and will help to ensure that the pieces needed are put together in real time to keep the senior safe throughout the process. The program remains on your team even after you’re admitted to a facility, as they truly stick on the journey with the senior and their families once begin the relationship. Programs like PACE are crucial to help families and seniors in need all throughout the duration of their relationship, in order to have an ally to help advocate for you and alongside of you.

For more information on Ascension Living PACE Michigan, or the PACE program in general, please visit the site here. Listen to this episode on your favorite streaming platform or watch the video here.

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