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Advice From Your Advocates: Dementia & Elder Care for You and Your Family

Mannor Law podcast

On this episode of Advice From Your Advocates, we featured our very own Danielle Chwalibog, MSW to discuss care planning coordination as it relates to elders and law offices, in particular, our own – Mannor Law Group!

Here at Mannor Law Group, Danielle serves as an Elder Care Coordinator where she assists seniors in need and their families by helping them achieve the highest quality of life as possible, depending on their needs. This is an extremely innovative role within a law office, and we are one of the first in Michigan to offer it! Danielle’s work comes into play when a senior will require further care advocacy, whether that be in home care vs. nursing home placement to ensure that the senior gets the aid they truly require. We focus heavily on the family and in particular the spouse where applicable, as we know that many of these cases deeply affect the primary caregivers. There are various levels and types of care seniors have available to them within the state of Michigan, and we work with each client to ensure that we maximize their offerings and get them the support that they need most.

Both Bob and Danielle partner together to look at each case holistically to determine what resources are needed and available, and then make recommendations to drive decisions based on both the needs and wants of the client. Mannor Law Group plays an instrumental role in this process as we provide support to the entire family, not just the senior in need, as we understand the various effects this process can impose on all caregivers. We make recommendations based on our relationships with various services and providers, and make sure to get the entire family on the same page through various team meetings.

Although it is ideal to create these plans prior to a senior being in need, it is never too late to create a care plan with us, as medical care needs can happen at any time and often with little to no warning. Planning in advance can provide smooth transitions and comfort in times of duress for both the elder and the family, as everything that was previously agreed upon can go into action immediately. This can be crucial if plans must take effect with an elder who has Dementia. Dementia diagnosis can require specific legal documents and if plans have not been created or settled prior to diagnosis and/or a crisis occurring, the senior is typically unable to participate in conversations thereafter. Here at Mannor Law Group, we will work to do whatever we can to help you, but the necessary workarounds can be very costly and more time consuming which can add unnecessary stress to already difficult situations. Please note, not all legal documents are created equal, such as trusts and power of attorney documents, so select medical situations may or may not be covered if an elder care attorney has not been onboarded to help facilitate.

As always, we are here to help you and your families navigate all situations for yourselves or your senior in need. Please feel free to reach out today to schedule time to begin your elder care planning, we are here to best serve you!

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