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Navigating Dementia Care: Insights from the Advice From Your Advocates Podcast

When embarking on the caregiver's journey, particularly in the realm of dementia care, the path is often obscured by uncertainty and emotional turbulence. This poignant episode of the "Advice From Your Advocates Podcast," featuring counselor and author Tami Anastasia, provides a beacon of hope and a repository of knowledge for those navigating this challenging landscape. Hosted by Bob Mannor, the discussion delves into the multifaceted aspects of dementia, emphasizing the importance of understanding its progression and its profound impact on behavior and cognition.

Understanding Dementia and Its Impact

Dementia does not merely affect memory; it alters the essence of the individual and reshapes the caregiver's role and family dynamics. Tami Anastasia's expertise in dementia counseling offers a compassionate perspective, helping caregivers honor the person their loved one was before the onset of dementia. This approach is crucial in managing behavioral changes and emotional triggers effectively.

Addressing Behavioral Changes and Triggers

Behaviors often misinterpreted as combativeness or obstinance are, in reality, expressions of distress caused by dementia. The podcast highlights the importance of empathy and understanding in managing these behaviors. Environmental adjustments and non-pharmacological interventions, such as creating a serene atmosphere reminiscent of the patient's past experiences, can significantly improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

Navigating Complex Decision-Making Processes

Caregivers often face complex decision-making processes, balancing the need for safety and well-being with respecting the autonomy of their loved ones. The episode explores the critical role of legal advisors and professional voices in guiding these decisions, especially when logic and reasoning no longer hold sway. This guidance is essential for making informed and compassionate choices.

Managing Family Dynamics

The primary caregiver must navigate the complexities of family dynamics, balancing their caregiving role with managing the expectations and involvement of other family members. Tami Anastasia provides practical strategies for dealing with conflicts, setting realistic expectations, and creating a cohesive care plan. This plan incorporates the voices of all family members while keeping the well-being of the loved one with dementia at the forefront.

The Benefits of Virtual Counseling and Support Groups

The transformative power of virtual counseling and support groups is another key topic discussed in the podcast. These platforms have become increasingly accessible and offer vital connections to those who may feel isolated in their caregiving roles. With Tami Anastasia's guidance, caregivers can craft a nurturing environment, navigate complex family dynamics, and find solace in a supportive community.


This episode serves as a compass for caregivers navigating the complex landscape of dementia care. It provides profound insights into managing behavioral changes, understanding triggers, making informed decisions, and balancing family dynamics. The guidance from experts like Tami Anastasia and Bob Mannor empowers caregivers to undertake this noble and loving endeavor with confidence and support. Learn more about Tami’s book, Essential Strategies for the Dementia Caregiver: Learning to P.A.C.E. Yourself.

For more insights and professional advice on dementia care, visit theMannor Law Group website and explore our resources on care navigation, estate planning, and elder law. You can also find this full episode #44 wherever you listen to podcasts, or watch the YouTube video below.


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