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Advice From Your Advocates - Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease: Where to Find Help

On our latest episode of Advice From Your Advocates, our topic was Dementia & Alzheimer’s: Where to Find Help, and we featured two invaluable resources from the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Michigan, Nicole Colley and Karen Schelberg, LMSW.

We took a hard look at where the warning signs may be, what you or your loved ones can do to get ahead and also where the resources lie within our own community. We at Mannor Law Group know just how debilitating these diseases can be for both the individual and the caretakers and we are here to bring you the resources and information to make these difficult decisions just a little bit easier. The Alzheimer’s Association has always been a trusted resource for the community here and nationally for the various people affected by these diseases, and we frequently partner together when applicable.

Taking care of these issues is no small feat – and it is important to us that we deliver support from both a personal and legal standpoint for anyone that we can help. Each situation must be approved on an individual level, as no two situations are alike and it is essential to maintain the best approach that adheres to the individual’s and families preferences and needs. The Alzheimer’s Association offered solutions to getting toward these difficult conversations and decision points, along with support groups and other references for further relief.

For more information about the Alzheimer’s Association, click here: www.alz.org/gmc. Please feel free to contact us at any time if we can be of any assistance in helping you navigate these complex issues for yourself or your loved one. For access to the recording, click here: 

Have an idea for a topic or speaker you’d like to hear from? Nominate it to us by emailing: samantha@elderadvocacybootcamp.com. We look forward to bringing you more episodes on a variety of important topics.


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