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#FreeBritney: Could this happen to you?

Thanks to the recent #FreeBritney movement, questions have been raised about guardianship in elderly Americans and how there needs to be a better system to protect them. Is there a better way?

#FreeBritney Movement and How It Helped Raise Questions About Elder Law

Recently, Britney Spears made a very public, very troubling announcement about her 12-year guardianship. She expressed her sentiments regarding her current situation and why she would like the court to consider ending the guardianship.

#FreeBritney has become a trending topic across different media platforms, which helped raise questions about Britney’s freedom under guardianship. Britney Spears revealed delicate, personal details about her life and why she wished for her father, Jamie Spears, to stop having control over her life. Since he has been exploiting her over the past few years and wishes she can get her autonomy back.

How Guardianships Can Go Wrong

Although this is a celebrity’s story, you don’t have to be rich or famous to have conservatorship or guardianship concerns. Everyday families from Michigan, just like yours, have been impacted by guardianships gone wrong.

According to The Detroit News, Attorney General Dana Nessel promised to create nine initiatives that would create better laws to protect the rights of the elderly. Any suspicion of exploitation will be taken seriously and will be prosecuted.

Although guardianship is legal, in many cases it can become abuse of power on behalf of the guardian and it often causes more harm than good. Once someone is appointed guardian of an elder citizen, there is little to no supervision from the government.

Why is Planning Ahead Important

Guardianship was created to protect elders and look after their personal and financial well-being. However, in the wrong hands, this can easily take a wrong turn and affect the life and the autonomy of elderly Americans. Sometimes it can be too late for some families.

Realizing your family is going through this process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you’re in the right hands.

In fact, with proper planning you may be able to avoid these types of troubles before they ever begin. To talk about your own planning options, contact our team! Call 800-990-6030 or email info@mannorlaw.com to begin the conversation or schedule your consultation with our legal team.


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