Many Veterans and their families are eligible for benefits but do not receive them. How is this possible? Some veterans haven’t heard about all the benefits available to them. Others struggle to complete complicated applications or fall victim to a grueling and frustrating approval process. This is particularly true of one the most valuable benefits—the Aid and Attendance Pension Program.

What is Aid and Attendance?

The Aid and Attendance Pension Program allows an eligible veteran to receive over $23,000 a year tax-free for assistance with medical expenses and long-term care. The eligible veteran’s widowed spouse can receive more than $12,500 a year tax-free. The Aid and Attendance benefit can be used to pay children, siblings and other relatives (but not a spouse) for home care. It can also be used to help pay for professional care in the home, an assisted living facility and a nursing home. In this way, the Aid and Attendance Pension Program allows an eligible veteran, or his or her widowed spouse, to remain independent for as long as possible while at the same time protecting family assets against the high cost of long-term care.

To be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit, a veteran must:

  • Have served 90 days or more of active duty, with at least one day during a period of wartime
  • Have received a discharge other than dishonorable
  • Have medical expenses
  • Pass an asset and income test

If you are worried that you have too many assets to qualify for Aid and Attendance, it is important to note that we can use a variety of tools and strategies to structure your assets to make you eligible. Similarly, if you have been denied benefits in the past, don’t give up. The vast majority of applications are initially denied even when the veteran or widowed spouse is indeed eligible. We may be able to help obtain benefits on appeal.

Contact us today to discuss your particular situation. We can determine if you are eligible for Aid and Attendance, expedite the approval process, and help you obtain the maximum amount of assistance you deserve. When applying for Veteran Benefits, make sure you still remain eligible for other government benefits.

You have served our country. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you in return.

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