As a firm, we try to avoid becoming involved in politics, and we certainly do not want to add to the barrage of propaganda being promoted at this election time.  However, Ballot Proposal 4 has direct consequences which will affect a great number of you, our clients, in ways which we believe are greatly misunderstood by many.

Please be aware of the deceptive advertising regarding Proposal 4.  This proposal has nothing to do with the quality of home care for seniors.  The proposal is about organized labor.

If you currently care for an elderly relative or loved one in their home, you can, at this time, come to your own agreed upon rate and are not required to join a union. If Proposal 4 passes, you would be required to join a union, and your rates will be determined for you.

The bottom line is this: Proposal 4 would likely make it so fewer seniors could afford to stay in their home and more would be forced into nursing homes. It would raise the cost of home care for seniors.

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