More Estate Tax Uncertainty

The Estate Tax laws will change, it is just a question of when.  My best educated guess is that the politicians will put this off, either as suggested below, or by extending the current law.  They will then address this after the mid-term elections next November.  (At what point is it fair to say that… Read More »

Summary of the proposals to change estate taxes before the 01/01/2010 estate tax repeal takes affect.

H.R. 436 – Rep. Earl Pomeroy (ND-at large):
Makes the current exemption of $3.5 million and the rate of 45% permanent. (Estates between $10 million and $23.5 million would be taxed at 50%.). H.R. 96 – Rep. Michael Conaway (TX-11): Increases to $1.85 million the maximum reduction amount for alternative valuations of farmland and other business… Read More »